Estimated Charges are a tool in MD HQ for adding a charge to a patient's account without affecting their billing information (not included on patient statements, billing reports, etc). If you are interested in having this feature in your EMR, contact


From within a patient's chart, you can add an estimated charge from the following places: 

When adding a new charge (both inside and outside of an encounter note), you should see the option near the bottom-right corner of the window.

From within an Encounter Note, the Estimated Charges block should be just below the Charges/Payments block.

If you do not see the above options, you will need to contact MD HQ support to have this feature enabled for your practice.

Once you click to add a new estimated charge, you will be given the option to search your charge database. Note that you can add charge groups but cannot add adjustments, refunds or payments as estimated charges.

After selecting an item to add, you should see a window that looks very similar to the form for adding a new charge. There will be a few options missing (such as tax information, inventory dispense information, etc) - these options do not apply to estimated charges but will be included once you add the estimated charge as a real charge.

Adding a Expiration Date to an Estimated Charge:

When adding an estimated charge to a chart or SOAP note you have the option of adding a expiration date for that individual charge by clicking the 'Add an Expiration Date?' check box and filling in a date.  

You can review all estimated charges about to expire on the financial reports page on the Estimated Charges by Expiration report.


Once you have added an estimated charge, you can modify it from within the Encounter Note it was added in OR from the patient's expanded Billing Block. Simply click on the estimated charge to edit it or right-click to see more options:

  • "Delete This Charge" will remove it from the patient's chart as an estimated charge
  • "Edit This Charge" will take you to a window where you can edit all of the details from when you first added (or last edited) the charge
  • "Add to Patient's Account" will take you to a window to add it as a real charge

When adding an estimated charge as a real charge,

  1. You will be taken to the window for adding a charge with the pre-populated details from your estimated charge. Note that there may be certain fields here that weren't included when you added your estimated charge (for example, if you tax or dispense inventory) - make sure to carefully review all of the details before clicking "Add Charge"
  2. Once you add an estimated charge as a real charge, it will be automatically removed from the patient's estimated charges list
  3. If you do this from within an Encounter note, the new charge will be added within this Encounter. If you do this from outside of an Encounter Note, even if the estimated charge was added inside a note, the new charge will be added outside of an encounter note.


If you have already added estimated charges to a patient's account and go to add an estimated charge to a new Encounter Note, you will see the following option (highlighted below) when you go to add a new estimated charge:

Click on this link to see a list of the patient's estimated charges that have been added outside of the note. Select all items you would like moved to this Encounter Note and select "Manage Checked" > "Move To This Encounter Note". If any of the checked items was originally added in a different Encounter Note, it will be deleted from that note once you move it.


There are two ways you can create a receipt of estimated charges and services.

1. From within a SOAP note, click the pencil icon in the Estimated Charges block. From here, check the boxes of the items you would like included on your receipt and select "Manage Checked" > "Generate Estimate Receipt"

2. From the patient's expanded Billing block, scroll to the bottom to see the table of Estimated Charges. Check the boxes of the items you would like included on your receipt and select "Manage Checked Estimated Charges" > "Print Estimate

If you have additional questions about Estimated Charges in MD HQ, please contact us at