When creating/editing a patient's chart there are five different status options.  This article goes over how to determine what option fits best, and how it will affect the patient's chart.   

  1. Prospective: Patients that have never scheduled or have been waitlisted.  Patient can access the portal. 
  2. Active: Current patients.  Patient can access the portal.
  3. Inactive: Former patients.  Patient will not be able to access the portal.
  4. Deceased: Patients who have passed away.  No portal access.
  5. Archived/Deleted: Duplicate charts that have been merged, prospective patients that fell through, test patients that are no longer relevant.  Their data will be saved, but the patient will no longer show up in searches or have a chart.

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1. Accessing the status menu

To open the patient's chart, expand the Patient Information block, and use the drop down list in the lower right corner.

If you are adding a new patient to Cerbo, the status menu will not be visible.  In it's place will be the option to mark the patient as 'prospective'.  If that is not selected the patient will automatically be added as 'Active'.


 2. How different statuses appear in Cerbo

NOTE: Deleted/Archived patients do not show up in searches and do not have charts.  (More on that later).

The image to the right shows how each status will appear when searching a patient chart. The statuses are color coded, and the status for non-active patients will appear in brackets before their name. Note: 'Deceased' patients will show up as [inactive].

The images below show how each status is shown from within a patient's chart. Non-active patients will have a banner across their photo.


3. Prospective, Active, Inactive, and Deceased

These statuses are mostly self-explanatory, however, there are a few things worth noting:


  • When selecting this status you have the option to select the date the account was deactivated.  If you do not select a date it will default to the date the status was changed.

  • Portal access is automatically disabled.

4. Deleted/Archived Patients

In order to delete/archive a patient, the following circumstances must be resolved:

  • Unsigned SOAP note(s) - notes are required to be signed before the chart can be deleted.
  • Open Task - tasks associated with the patient must be marked as completed.
  • Upcoming scheduled event - similar to the previous point, any appointments associated with the patient must be cancelled/deleted from the calendar.
  • Upcoming Waitlist event - you will need to remove this from the Waitlist.
  • Open Patient Portal Request - pending portal requests from the patient must be resolved.

If you try to archive the patient and any of these items are unresolved, you'll get a pop up that links you to each item so that you can resolve them without having to dig around.  If there are multiple open items you may need to refresh the block after each resolution until all items have been taken care of.

Patients marked as deleted/archived do not have an accessible chart and will not show up in patient searches. 

You can access a list of all patients that have been deleted/archived via  Admin>Archived Patients.  From there you can search for a specific patient using the "Narrow List" field.  

This will display the list of deleted patients with an option to "Unarchive". If you click on the green arrow and confirm in the following window, the patient will be removed from the archive and added back to the system as a searchable patient with an accessible chart.  Their status will revert to whatever it was at the time they were archived.

This article was first published on July 12th, 2017, and most recently edited on July 20th, 2021

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