When patients are marked as inactive, they still show in patient searches and have accessible charts. In order to remove a patient from the system entirely (no chart, not available via search, data will not be accessible) you will want to use the patient archive tool. This is not permanent, does not delete any of the patient's data, and can be undone per instructions outlined below.

Note: If you don't see the archive options described in this article, send an email to support@md-hq.com requesting our latest update package.

Delete/Archive a Patient

Open the patient's chart and expand the Patient Information block

Click on the status drop-down menu and select the "DELETE/ARCHIVE" option

If you see something like this image, it means the patient has one or more of the following that must be resolved before you can delete:
  • Unsigned SOAP note - you will need to sign this
  • Open Task - you will need to either mark this as complete or delete it
  • Upcoming scheduled event - you will need to delete it or mark it with the "cancelled" status
  • Upcoming Waitlist event - you will need to remove this from the Waitlist
  • Open Patient Portal Request - you will need to mark all of these as complete

View & Manage Archived Patients

To view all deleted/archived patients, go to the Calendar page and click on Admin > Archived Patients:

This will display the list of deleted patients with an option to "Unarchive". If you click on this icon and confirm in the following window, the patient will be removed from the archive and added back to the system as a searchable patient with an accessible chart.