When patients are marked as inactive or deceased, they will still show up in patient searches and have accessible charts.  If you want to remove a patient from the system entirely (no chart, not available via search, data will not be accessible) you can use the patient archive tool.  This will not delete any of the patient's data, and can be undone if needed.

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Delete/Archive a Patient

  1. Open the patient's chart and expand the Patient Information block.

  2. Click on the status drop-down menu (see image on right) and select the "DELETE/ARCHIVE" option.

  3. A confirmation pop-up will appear asking you to provide a reason for deleting/archiving the patient.

If you see a warning like the one shown on the right, it means the patient has one or more of the following that must be resolved:
  • Unsigned SOAP note(s) - notes are required to be signed before the chart can be deleted
  • Open Task - tasks associated with the patient must be marked as completed 
  • Upcoming scheduled event - similar to the previous point, any appointments associated with the patient must be cancelled/deleted from the calendar
  • Upcoming Waitlist event - you will need to remove this from the Waitlist
  • Open Patient Portal Request - pending portal requests from the patient must be resolved 

View & Manage Archived Patients

To view all deleted/archived patients, go to the Calendar page and click on Admin > Archived Patients:

This will display the list of deleted patients with an option to "Unarchive". If you click on this icon and confirm in the following window, the patient will be removed from the archive and added back to the system as a searchable patient with an accessible chart.

This article was first published on July 12th, 2017, and most recently edited on June 22nd, 2021

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