To add a new user or resource (room, or chair that you want to be able to schedule appointments for, e.g.), or edit existing users:

1. Open the Manage Users window by hovering over the Admin menu in the top navigation bar, selecting "Manage..." from the options, and selecting "Users" from the bottom of the second list.

2. To add a new user or resource, select "Add New User or Resource" to add a new user (or resource) to the system. A resource is a room or chair that should be able to be independently scheduled.

To edit an existing user or resource, click on their name in the users list.

3. In the Add (or Manage) User window, set or edit the user's Role, Employment Time, and Permission Level, clicking the links in the applicable spots for more information on user pricing and what users can do with the default Permission Levels, if needed. 

  • If you would like to further limit what users can do beyond what is provided in the default Permission Levels, contact us at letting us know what you are hoping to restrict specific users from doing.
  • If there are special billing circumstances that MD HQ should know about the additional user, or the changes you are making to the user's role or employment time - for example, that they should be a limited/comped user license, please add a note to that effect in the Notes to MD HQ field at the bottom of the window.

Enter or edit the user's name, email, and username. For users that you are adding, you will set a temporary password, which they should change to a secure password when they first login. 

To change the password for an existing user, click on their name in the users list, check the box under Login Information box called "Check Here to Reset Password", and enter a new temporary password of your choosing.

You may also:

  • Add or edit NPI and DEA numbers for prescribers
  • Set whether a user has a calendar. Unchecking the box "Should this user have a calendar" will remove the user from the list under Calendar Options at the left of the schedule page.
  • Set whether users may or must request a co-signature when signing an encounter note. For anyone who won't need to sign encounter notes or does not need co-signature, select "Never".

NOTE: If there is anything you need to let us know about an added user, make sure to add this information in the "Notes to MD HQ" field.