Welcome to Cerbo by MD HQ! For your convenience, below are some useful help sections and videos to help you set up and configure your system.

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Logging In to the EMR and Setting up Users

We will send over a single user's credentials as soon as your build has been set up.  You will be able to log in using the URL, username and password provided.  Once you are in, change your password by hovering over your initials in the top navigation bar, and selecting "Change My Password" from the drop-down menu.

To set up additional user accounts and/or add resources (like rooms or chairs that should be independently scheduled - click the link for detailed help), hover over the Admin menu in the top navigation bar, select "Manage..." from the options, and select "Users" from the bottom of the second list. Select Add New User or Resource.

Set Up Your Charge List/ Fee Schedule

Before you can add charges to patients' accounts, you need to add your charges into your Charge List/ fee schedule. This may include charges for services, as well as products that you sell. You can manage and add to your Charge List under Admin -> Manage -> Charge List.

Add Your Appointment Types

To begin scheduling appointments, you will first need to set up the list of appointment types that you offer via Admin -> Manage -> Schedule Types.

Set up Your Work Schedules

If you would like patients to be able to request appointments via the Patient Portal, you will need to first set up your Work Schedules, defining which providers are available, for what appointment types, and when.

  • How to set up your Work Schedules: online help.
  • Scheduling how to video (includes a segment on setting up your Work Schedules and more general information about scheduling appointments and appointment requests via the Patient Portal).

Add a Patient

For new practices getting started with Cerbo, there are a few ways to get your patient info into your new EMR:

  1. If you are coming from another EMR or have your patient information in a spreadsheet format, we can generally import this information for you for your existing patients.
  2. You can have patients fill out the online registration form to get their information into the EMR and get them set up in the Patient Portal at the same time.
  3. You can add patient information manually under Admin --> Add New Patient. For more help with manually adding a patient's information, see our video tutorial and online help.

Patient Portal Review and Customization

Review the new patient registration form at https://[YOURPORTALURL].md-hq.com/registration. Let us know if you want to remove specific sections, or have additional information that you hope to capture in that form. Detailed intake information will generally be collected via the intake questionnaires that a patient will complete after they have registered, by going to the Questionnaires page within the Patient Portal

To review what is inside the Patient Portal itself, you will need to log into the Patient Portal as a patient, either by registering yourself as a test patient, or by going into the EHR and to John Doe's chart, and then going to Pt Portal menu, and clicking on Log into Portal as Pt.

Review instructions on the Patient Portal pages, and let us know if you want to disable any of the Patient Portal pages or functionality. If you would like, we can have specific instructions/information posted for patients on the Logged In screen that they see when the first log in. So, for example, you can send to your implementation manager any specific instructions that you want to appear for new or returning patients in the Portal.

Select the forms and questionnaires that you want to have available on the Questionnaires page of the Patient Portal. You can choose from our existing forms and questionnaires library, send any additional consent forms needed to your implementation manager to convert, and, if applicable, send over up to 15 pages of custom patient forms/questionnaires for us to convert into fillable forms that can be submitted via the Patient Portal.

  • There are multiple options for how forms/questionnaires can be presented to patients on the Patient Portal Forms and Questionnaires page. You can let your account manager know if you want:
    1. Certain forms to be able to be filled out only once per patient (once completed, they would no longer appear for that patient on the Questionnaires page), and/or
    2. Certain forms to be shown only when the patient is manually tagged in the EMR to be able to see them.

Simplest forms/questionnaires set up: ALL of your forms appear to ALL patients on the Forms and Questionnaires page of the patient portal. Section headers and instructions are used to direct which patients should complete which forms. Once forms are completed, the "Last Completed Date" is shown, but the blank form does not disappear and the patient could complete the form again.

  • FORMS TIP: being selective about the forms you present to patients to complete will avoid patient frustration and save you time. Additional forms/questionnaires can always be added on if you find that there is a gap.

Config question: ALL new patient registrations and items edited or submitted via the Patient Portal come into the Patient Portal Queue at the right of the EMR schedule page for your review and acceptance. A generic notification (will not contain PHI) will also be sent to the practice email address when a new patient registers. Let your implementation manager know if you would also like to receive email notifications when (1) a secure message is sent to the practice, or (2) an appointment is requested.

Training/ Walk Through

When you're ready for a comprehensive walk through of the system, check out our three-part video series, available as a playlist on our YouTube channel. This is a detailed basic demo of the entire EHR, scheduling, and Patient Portal, broken up into three, 1-hour videos:

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