Adding a Notice to a patient's chart will display a message on the Need to Know block and will also appear on the scheduling screen when assigning the patient to an appointment. This can be very useful to highlight information about the patient used while scheduling. To add a notice, pop out the patient information block and add text to the "Notice" input in the lower-left corner of the Basic Data tab.

You can also get to this spot by clicking on the icon of an explanation point in a triangle that is at the top of the Need to Know block.  After you add the notice text, you can change the color of the Notice using the drop-down menu to the right of the text input.  Save your changes and the notice will appear in a color block at the top of the Need to Know block.

In addition, the Notice will also display when you create a new appointment and assign the patient to it.

To remove the notice, simply re-open the Patient Information block and delete the text out of the Notice field.