As soon as you associate a patient with an appointment, you will see the option to send an:

  1. Email Notice: stock message "Hi [pt first name], You have a new upcoming appointment. [appointment date and time]"
  2. (Email) Reminder: Stock Email if not Updated (see below)    

    Notification from Practice Name

    Appointment Time: April 15, 2019, 11:30 am (EDT)

  3. SMS (text message reminder) (*note the SMS reminder feature is not enabled on all builds. Contact us to enable this feature if it is not yet available for you)

The Email Notice will be sent to the patient, and the Email Reminder and SMS Reminder will be scheduled, if the applicable checkbox at the top of the tab is checked. Your build can be configured for any of these to be checked or unchecked by default.

Save a Custom Default Message, Subject, and/or Timing

If the email message area is blank, the email will contain the appointment date and time only, and the header of the email will have your practice logo. If you would like to include additional text, you can type it in the message area and check the box at the bottom of the applicable tab to save as default, so that your subject, message, and reminder timing (if applicable) will populate automatically in the future. Note that the subject and message will appear to the patient exactly as you see them, so you don't want to include a patient's name, provider name (in a multi-provider practice), or appointment type in your saved default text. 

Add the appointment to the calendar, with the "Save as default" checkbox(es) checked to save your default message(s).

If you would like to include the patient's name and/or have different emails associated with different appointment types, you can also use Chart Parts to save and, later, quickly insert detailed template messages into the email notice and reminder message areas.

***NOTE that the SMS reminder message does not automatically contain the practice name! You will want to save a default SMS reminder message, being sure to keep it within the 160 characters of a single text message. And, unlike in the email message areas, there is one text variable that you can use in the SMS message: [[datetime]] will insert the appointment date and time. For example, your saved default SMS reminder message could be (substituting your practice name): "Reminder: appt at Total Wellness [[datetime]]. Questions? Call 555-555-5555. Look forward to seeing you!"

Click here for more information about using text variables in your email and SMS/Text reminders.

Click here for more information about Setting Up Appointment Types, including how to set appointment-type-specific default notice and reminders.