Any treatments that you want to administer or recommend for patients that are NOT prescription medications, laboratory orders/scans, or vaccines can be saved in your Alternate Plan Options database, and then could be shared with patients in the Plan box of the SOAP note. To add new IV infusion formulas/templates to your Alternate Plan Options database: 

  1. Hover over the Admin menu, then Manage... And scroll down to click on Alternate Plan Options
  2. To add a new IV template for an IV that you administer, click + Add New Plan Option at the top.
  3. For Action Type, select IV Infusion OR if that is not an option (this is the first IV Infusion you are adding to the database), select ALL TYPES, and type in IV Infusion.
  4. Type a Description, if desired, and click + Add This Alternate Plan Option to save.
  5. A pop up box will appear asking if you want to add a default dosing profile - for IV Infusions, this would be your detailed IV formula. Click OK for yes or Cancel for no. If you do not set up the default dosing profile at this stage, you can go back and do so via the entry in the Alternate Plan Options list (or when you are adding the IV to a patient's chart by filling out the details and checking the box at the bottom to save as default).

Set Up the IV Formula

  1. Enter each ingredient on it's own line, specifying the amount and range, if applicable. 
  2. Add ordering notes, etc. as needed. Note that the only information that is shared with the patient (in the Encounter Summary, e.g.) is the name of the IV Infusion and the Instructions field.

Prescribing IV Infusions to Patients

To add an IV Infusion to a particular patient's chart:

  1. Hover over the + sign in the blue Plan Rx/Orders/Vaccines box at the right side of an open Encounter Note and select Add IV Infusion. 
  2. Make any changes to the default/saved IV formula or notes, and click Complete to add it to the plan.