Managing patients regimen of supplements, medications, orders, and alternate plan items can be overwhelming for patients as well as providers.  Given this need expressed by providers to support patients complex wellness plans, we are offering two choices to help track Supplement Plans and a more general Wellness Plan.  

The Supplement Plan is a useful tool to create a plan addressing a supplement regimen.  To access the Supplement Plan, go to the patients chart and then click on the supplement tab from within their chart.  Expand the window by clicking on the window within a window icon.  From this screen, you can view all active supplements and their specific directions for this client/patient.  Directly from this screen, the provider can also prescribe new supplements to their patients plans.  When your supplement plan is updated, you can save the plan and give the patient access to their new supplement plan via the portal or you can print and give to the patient so they can have a great outline in hand for their supplement plan including directions and any special notes you would like to add.  This can help patients adhere and maintain their plan with ease.

The Wellness Plan is a more comprehensive treatment or lifestyle plan that includes all active supplements, medications (including administrative records), orders, and alternate plan options.  To access a patients Wellness Plan,  got to the patients chart then the reports drop down to Manage Wellness Plan. The Wellness Plan can help map out a complete view of all health lifestyle changes and maintenance plans.  This form can be used to give the patient a health map to follow supplement, medication, and alternate plans as well as keep on top of upcoming labs.  You are able to hide items that are PRN items such as pain medications or medications they are taking a break from but you are not ready to take off their plan. After creating the Wellness Plan, you can post the generated report to the patients portal account as well as printing it, to give them a tangible Wellness Plan to help them adhere to more complex wellness and lifestyle schedules.

Supplement Plan

Access from a patient's chart via the expand icon (upper-right corner, "window within a window" icon) of a patient's Supplement block

General Wellness Plan

Access from a patient's chart via Reports > Manage Wellness Plan