For practices that will be submitting claims manually (versus via an external billing service) or where you're generating a courtesy HCFA for the patient, you can generate a printable/ savable HCFA 1500 claim form. This is done from within a SOAP note that already has the relevant diagnoses in the Assessment box, and the relevant charges (with charge codes) and payments in the Charges box by either going to Generate (at the top of the encounter note) or by right-clicking the title of an encounter and selecting Generate a HCFA1500.

To generate the HCFA 1500 form, open the SOAP note and go to Generate > HCFA 1500 Claims Form. Your office will mail the HCFA 1500 claims form directly to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Red Version

If you're billing to an agency that requires HCFA 1500 to be printed on a red form and you have the official red printed HCFA blanks, you can save the HCFA as the "red" version by clicking on the checkbox on the top left side of the page. This downloads a version that has a separate background layer for the form lines, prompts, etc. 

To print on the red HCFA paper:

  • Check the box Save as "red" version?, then click SAVE HCFA
  • Download the resulting PDF to your computer, open, and print using a PDF program installed on your computer (making sure that you have the template red HCFA paper loaded into your printer). It needs to be downloaded because the browser's built-in PDF viewer doesn't support hiding the background layer when printing.

Batch Generating HCFAs

It is possible to generate multiple HCFAs at one time from the Insurance Billing Summary. From the Reporting menu item, click the Financial Reports tab >Most Common Reports? Insurance Billing Summary.
At the top of this summary there is the option to generate multiple HCFAs using specific options you can select. 

Why are some charges showing/not showing on my HCFA?

If you generate a HCFA 1500 it will include any charges from that encounter that are marked as belonging on an insurance invoice. If the Add to Insurance Invoice checkbox isn't marked for a specific charge it will not appear on the HCFA:

This checkbox allows you to differentiate between things like supplement sales (which should not show up on a HCFA) and insurance-reimbursable services. You can set this on a per-patient-charge basis by just checking/unchecking that box manually, but you'll probably also want to go to Admin > Manage > Charge List and edit the master definition of the charge to default to having that checked so it doesn't need to be set manually each time moving forward (changing the default will not modify any already-added charges):