There are a few different tasks you can create for internal use.

1.Scheduled Tasks--These tasks have a due date associated with them. 

2. Standing Tasks--These tasks do not have a due date 

3. Open Soap Notes--These are notes that are not signed and will show up as a task

To add a task:

Click the plus sign in the top right of the task screen, and a New Task box will open. You can enter the title, the details, add a specific patient if you'd like, the due date (if not applicable, this will show up as Standing task), a reminder if there is a due date, who the task is for, and the priority. 

If a reminder is set for your scheduled task, you will see a pop up on your screen when that reminder is due:

Whether you have a due date or not, an orange circle will show up next to the Tasks title when you have a new/ unread task.

If you mark a task as complete, but need to revisit it, you can use the drop down box to filter the tasks or view completed tasks.

If you need to reassign a task to a different user, open the task and use the "Task is for" drop down to select the new user.

See also: Shared Task Lists