If  you use the Shopify ecommerce platform for your supplements/products store on your website, you can link your Shopify webstore to your MD HQ system to (1) get your inventory items from your Shopify store loaded into MD HQ, and (2) keep in-stock numbers synced between your online store and your in-office inventory as tracked in MD HQ.

How the Integration Works

Once you have your Shopify linked with your EMR:

  1. You can click a button in MD HQ to pull in new products that you have added to your Shopify store to your MD HQ inventory, charge list, and prescribable items list. New inventory items that you are carrying for the first time will always be added in Shopify, then can be synced over to MD HQ.
  2. Inventory stock numbers will be updated in both systems when you dispense inventory via the EMR, update your inventory number in MD HQ, or sell via your Shopify webstore.

The integration does not otherwise update information between the two systems. You would still be working in Shopify to fulfill orders placed in the webstore, updating item names and prices separately in each system (if needed), and viewing patients' purchase histories in Shopify for webstore purchases, and in MD HQ for orders sold directly out of the office.

  • Orders placed in your Shopify webstore do not alert you within the EMR or show up in the relevant patient's chart.
  • Edits to item names or prices would have to be done in both systems separately (assuming they are meant to be the same - there may be reasons to have differences).
  • The charges/billing records are not synced. Shopify sales will not show up in patient's billing history or in billing reports in MD HQ, or vice versa.