Building Your Practice in MDHQ:

Add Users: 

Add your staff on as users to the EMR: ADMIN> Manage>User , Add New User

*** Resources are for rooms that will be utilized such as IV or Procedure Rooms that need to be booked


Adding Charges:

We can import your charges into the system (we send over a blank spreadsheet in the Next Steps Email) OR you can enter them yourself by going to ADMIN> Mange>Charge List

***Do not alter any of the charges denoted as SPECIAL


We can Import you Inventory (we will send over a blank spreadsheet as an attachment in the Next Steps Email) into you build OR you can manually enter your inventory by going to:

ADMIN > My Inventory and entering Inventory here

Integrated Labs:  

We have a list of labs we have established Integrations with and if you do not find the lab that you work with on this list, you can reach out to your lab representative to let them know you are interested in initiating an integration with MDHQ.  If we do not have an integration, you are able to fax through the system to both send and receive lab orders and results. 

*** Note some labs take up to 6 weeks to set up the integration, but faxing is available until the integration has been established


We can generally port over your existing fax number, but it depends on the current carrier. The port process can take a significant time period - 6 weeks or more - so we probably want to initiate that process as soon as possible. To do that, you would complete the attached LOA (instructions/help here- to avoid rejection of the request, we recommend contacting your current carrier to verify the information that they have on file for you and return it to me, along with your most recent invoice for fax services. 

*** We send generally send over LOA form with next Steps Email

Once your fax is up and running here are a few helpful link to have on hand:

Inbound Fax Editing - Splitting, Rotating, Removing Pages 

Troubleshooting Failed Outgoing Faxes 

Practice Documents:

There are different ways to add practice documents to your build.  Practice documents can be handouts, diets, or other infomation you like to have on hand to give out to patients.  You can add them as Alternate Plan Items : Admin> Manage> Alternate Plan Item, Chart Parts, or simply Upload to you Practice Document by going to Admin > Practice Documents and then clicking on the + sign to upload a handout you would like access to your EMR.  

How do I add a practice document to a patient's chart?  While you are in the patient's chart, go to Admin > Practice Documents and right click on the documents names and choose copy to current patients chart

Patient Portal Forms:

Please let me know which of our existing forms and questionnaires you would like to add to your build. We also have IFM forms available to IFM members. And you can send me any consent forms or questionnaires that you need custom built, and we can do up to 15 pages of custom questionnaires included in the set up fee. 

Once the forms are uploaded to your build you can go into a patient's chart (like John Doe's) and choose Patient Portal>Log Into Portal and Patient then go to the Questionnaires tab to try filling out the forms to how the forms flow from the patients perspective.

*** what does the above message mean?  Good question!  If you are a provider or clinic staff, and you are logging into the Portal to see what the patient is seeing but are not giving the patient access to your screen or computer, you can choose “Keep me logged into the EMR” as this gives who ever is currently logged into the EMR and give them access to everything in the EMR including PHI.

***If you are logging in as the patient to have the patient directly fill out forms they had not filled out before their appointment or enter information into the computer or IPAD, choose log me out of the EMR and Launch.  This will only give them access to what is in their patient Portal.


IMPORT Patient Information form Old EMR: 

Are you coming over from another EMR?  Are you hoping to bring over your patient files and information over into MDHQ.  It can vary widely as to what to type and the depth of information we are able to import over into our system. With most systems, Patient demographics and Provider schedules are able to be moved over with some ease.  You will want to let us know which EMR you are coming over from and we can assist you researching your data import options.  We will most likely need your account information, a contact name and number or email. Please contact your previous EMR to let them know you will be changing systems before we contact them regarding your data transport.

If you are not moving over from a previous EMR, but have patient information in CVS or excel formatting, we are usually able to import this.

***you can upload spreadsheets to John Doe's Chart in your build for us to download and move over without having to email the PHI over.

Pharmacy Zip Codes: 

Let your account manager know the distance or perimeter from your clinic you would like us to set to pre-populate your favorites list for Pharmacies.  Our pharmacies database is the full NCPD Database but pre-populating your shortlist makes you see the Walgreens down the street and not the one 3 states over when you are searching for a specific pharmacy such as Walgreens.  If you do add a local pharmacy, be sure to double check it is not in your system first. Most of the larger pharmacies will be in the system.   

Merchant Services: 

We integrate with two different merchant services vendors, Stripe and Bluefin.  You do not need to sign up with either merchant services vendor, these are simply the two we integrate with at this time.  Let us know if you would like to begin services with one, so we can make sure your build is configured for the correct merchant services vendor.

Our contact for Bluefin is:


Tel:  (770)709-7804


The process to get set up for e-prescribing (sending prescriptions electronically via the SureScripts network, rather than via efax) is as follows:

  • Each provider must complete Identity Proofing with our partner AYIN Persona Trust before e-prescription can be enabled 

  • Once we receive confirmation from our partner that Identity Proofing is complete, we will enable e-prescribing for the specific provider, and let the provider know 

  • The provider may then register for e-prescription 

Some clients may also need to complete one or both of the following (we will provide links to mapping tools, where either of these steps are needed): 

  • Clients who joined MDHQ prior to January, 2016 will need to map medications from the medication shortlist (which includes any medications that have been prescribedin the past) over to the corresponding entries in the new medications database 

  • Clients who joined MD HQ prior to January, 2017will need to map pharmacies from the pharmacies shortlist (which includes any pharmacies that have been assigned as patients' preferred pharmacies) over to the corresponding entries in the new pharmacies database 

Note that some prescriptions are not e-prescribable at this time. See: Why can't I e-prescribe this prescription?

For more help with how to e-prescribe, you can view a short video tutorial here.

Building Your Schedule In MDHQ:

Add Schedule Types: Setting up your schedule types allows you to establish what types of appointments you have at your practice, how long they are, and what providers do these types of appointments which is very important to set up if you are going to have patients able to request appointments online.

Admin> Manage > Schedule Types

Build Out Work Schedule: Setting up your work schedule in MDHQ will specify when you are available and what you are available for.  This will also allow patients to request appointments online and see your availability.

Allow Patients to Request Appointments Online: 

If you would likt to disable the Request Appointment Tab, pleas e let you account manager know, and we can remove it from the patient portal.

If you do want patients to request appointments online, you will need to build out your schedule types and work schedule.  Requests for appointments will come through the patient portal and can be approved or denied by your clinic staff.

***Helpful Tip:  Some clinics find it beneficial to delegate to one main clinic staff member to oversee and task out the patient portal queue requests

Building Your Charts In MDHQ:

Chart Parts:

Chart Parts is a great way to build efficiency within the system and cut down your charting time.

Use Chart Part templates to add any combination of text to the text of your SOAP note and/or suggested actions (diagnoses, prescriptions, orders, supplements, charges, even handouts) to a note simply by typing the name or nickname of the Chart Part into the main text area and selecting the desired Chart Part from the suggestions that appear to the left of the note.

This feature can be used to auto-complete a commonly-used phrase, add a set of text prompts, add a combination of actions (like a lab panel), or add any combination of text and actions to the note.

Lab Panels: 

If you have panels of tests that you order for certain conditions or appointment types, you should consider setting up Lab Panels using Chart Parts. Some Examples for consideration would be those panels you run on new patients at first visits, thyroid function, hormone function panels,and more.

Chart Parts for Charting Templates:

Do you tend to chart in the same documentation for similar Patient Visit Types in a similar style, including ordering oflabs, medications, supplements, and even handouts?  You can include all of this in chart parts for charting templates:  Examples: New Patient, Well Woman, UTI, Thyroid Work Up

*** add text variables to pull in patient demographic such as name, DOB, and more 

IV Module : (optional)

For users that provide IV Infusions/ IV Therapy, we can set it so that recent (added in the last ~3 mo) IV "orders" (alternate plan items with a type of IV Infusion) show up at the top of the Open Orders block and that the recent IV orders (or the message "No IV Orders on file") appears in the Add New Event pop up when an appointment is scheduled for a patient. You would use the attached files to set this up. 

Dictation in HDHQ:

 MDHQ supports dictation as part of a provider's regular workflow. Providers can upload an MP3 file to a SOAP/encounter note to add into the Dictation Queue, and then review the returned transcription before signing a note. A special Transcriptionist user type allows transcribers to access MP3 files, transcribe them directly into a SOAP/encounter note, and send to the provider for review. By default, these transcription users do not have access to any parts of the EMR outside of the Dictation Queue, though we can grant them broader access if necessary. 

Building Your Message In MDHQ:

Templates for Patient Reminder Messaging:

You create and edit message template to send out to patients for their appointment reminders.  The linked header on this section walks you through the process.

Active Campaign:

ActiveCampaign is an automated sales, marketing, and CRM platform with dynamic automated email and SMS options. Our integration with Active Campaign links your patient information in MD HQ and Active Campaign, syncing patient's basic information (name, contact information, sex, birthdate, active/inactive/prospective status), as well as tags and the patient's next and last upcoming appointment type and date/time. You can use this information within Active Campaign to:

  1. Send mass emails or text messages. 

  2. Send automated messages for welcome emails, birthday emails, follow up appointment messages or lab reminders, as well as messaging triggered by specific actions that your patients have taken (URLs visited, links clicked, etc.). Dynamic, flexible options for creating campaigns and automations within Active Campaign allow you to set up automations that deliver personalized, relevant content to your patients on the schedules that you define. 

  3. Automatically apply a tag once a patient has received a certain message, or taken a specification (visited a URL, clicked a link, etc.)

Patient Portal Configuration:

The patient portal can be made to seamlessly blend with your website.  It gives you and your patients an easy and HIPAA compliant way to email back and forth regarding patient issues with an efficient way to turn a patient message into a SOAP note.  Patients can fill out forms, enter medications, supplements, vitals, insurance information and more.  

Patients can fill out stock MDHQ or custom created forms online and submit before an appointment and the provider can pull this information into a Soap/Encounter Note for dictation.

You can log onto the Patient Portal if you create a patient profile or if your log on as a patient.  We suggest logging onto the Patient Portal and testing out all the features as well as filling out all questionnaires to get a good idea of what the patient sees.  There is a lot of customization that can be done with the portal, after doing a comprehensive review of the portal, reach out to your Implementation Manager with edits. Screen shots can help communicate what messaging and pages you would like changed.