For new e-prescribers in MD HQ (or anyone who completed eRx registration in MD HQ before Feb. 2018 and wants to add on the ability to prescribe controlled substances): before you can send prescriptions electronically via the Surescripts e-prescribing network (eRx) in MD HQ, you must undergo an identity verification and registration process.


  1. Contact MD HQ - practices that joined before Feb. 2018 need to first contact to verify that the new ID proofing option is enabled for them.
  2. Verify your User Information in the EMR - verify that your name, NPI number, and DEA number are correct in your User profile (under Admin > Manage > Users), and make sure you have an valid prescriber suffix in your profile.
  3. ID Proofing - basic identity verification is required for all e-prescribing and takes ~5 minutes to complete.
  4. EPCS Token Registration - for controlled substances prescribing, you must take an additional step of obtaining your EPCS token; this takes ~15 minutes to complete.

* Controlled substances prescribers are strongly encouraged to complete ID proofing and EPCS token registration in one sitting (~20 minutes to complete). Otherwise, you will need to start at the beginning when you go back to complete EPCS token registration at a later time.

General Tips for Success

*** Use Chrome or Firefox browser! Not Safari browser, which lacks a scroll bar at a key step.

  • If you do not pay your own bills (e.g. your spouse handles them), ask that person to sit with you/ be available while you are doing the ID proofing. The ID proofing step will require correct answers to very specific questions about your mortgage, credit accounts, or other bills.
  • Pick a time to do the ID proofing that is not rushed or stressed. If it is noisy or you keep getting interrupted it makes it much harder than just waiting and doing it when you have a few quiet free minutes.
  • If you have frozen your credit: you may need to temporarily lift the freeze or get a pin # so the ID Proofing can access your files.
  • Keep this help section open and carefully read through the available help materials, following each step as outlined. Contact us at if you run into difficulty.