If you have a merchant services integration with Bluefin, you can now set up automatically-recurring billing for specific charges. This may require an update, so please contact us if you would like to set this up.

Preparing Charges for Subscription Plans

Subscriptions in Bluefin will run a charge every month (or recurring period). Before you can set up a subscription, you will need to set up the charge in your Charge List.  Please note that if you would like to discount a specific subscription, you should create a discounted charge in your charge list before proceeding. Each subscription charge will need a unique name in the system.  We recommend creating a new "Subscriptions" charge category for charges of this type.

Adding New Subscription Plans

From the Billing block in a patient's chart, select "[None]" to set up a new subscription payment.

The next window that pops up allows you to set the specifics of that patient's subscription:

  • Search for the charge in the "Find the subscription charge-type" search box. This will pull from your Charge List.
  • Set the recurrence of the subscription.
  • Set the start date of the subscription. This sets both the date of the first charge as well as the date that the charge is re-run on future recurrences.  This can be set from the 1st through the 28th of the month.
  • Select the owner of the subscription. Payments made from this subscription will show up as "owned" by the selected user in billing reports *See below.
  • Once all of the fields are complete, click "+ Add Subscription"

How Subscription Payments Work

The patient's subscription begins on the date assigned to that patient when initiating the subscription plan. Thereafter, charges automatically recur at the interval specified during setup. So, if the plan you select recurs every 1 month and you assign a patient to start that plan on April 15, charges will automatically run on April 15th and on the 15th of every month thereafter.  At each recurrence, the system will add a corresponding charge and payment for the subscription level chosen for the patient.

To see when the next subscription payment is set to occur, hover over the subscription level at the top of the billing block and a window will appear with the recurring date listed.

If an automatic payment fails, the system will retry the payment every 4 hours for a total of 24 hours. If the payment still does not process, the corresponding charge will remain on the patient's chart with a balance and users will receive notification by a system alert within the EMR. Once the billing issue has been resolved (by updating card numbers, etc), users should manually process the payment for the subscription period, allocating payment to the corresponding subscription charge. The system will restart automatically charging the patient at the beginning of the next subscription period.

Editing or Cancelling a Patient's Subscription Plan

To edit or cancel a subscription, click on the subscription level on the patient's Billing Block.

To edit a subscription, you will cancel the existing subscription and re-add a subscription, choosing a new charge level.  So, to process either a subscription change or cancellation, hit the "Cancel This Subscription" button.

This will cancel the subscription, so that no further recurring payments will be processed. Then, if changing levels, add a new subscription (as described above) at the desired new level.

Once cancelled, if you would like to refund the patient for all or part of the last subscription payment, right-click on the last payment made and process the refund partially or in full.

Patients with multiple cards on file can also have their preferred card starred by going to the patients billing and selecting Add Payment and selecting Payment Method: Credit Card.

Recurring Billing

Overdue Recurring Charges can be reviewed and managed by going to Billing and selecting the Recurring Invoices tab.

Active Subscriptions can also be reviewed from this tab.