These three reports are the primary end of day billing reporting tools, and can be found by going to Billing > Go to Billing Portal and selecting the "Generate Reports" tab. 

Overview of the Three Reports

End of Day/Week/Month - for the period that you specify, shows all CHARGES added during that period, broken down by Charge Category and User/ Owner, as well as the total deposits by payment type. 

Income Report/Payments by User - for the period that you specify, shows the PAYMENTS added during that period, broken down by the Charge Category and User/ Owner for the charges they are applied to. The Unapplied category in this report is for Payments that were added in the specific period, but not allocated to pay any charges in the system yet.

Allocation Report - is like the Income Report, but for the period that you specify, shows the PAYMENTS allocated to specific charges during that period. This is useful, for example, for clinics that use prepaid packages and need to report on when credits added via a prepaid package were applied to specific charges (e.g., when the patient actually redeemed the prepaid service or products) and who that revenue should be attributed to.

  • In any of these reports, you can click on any totals row to expand that to see the Users/ Categories/ or individual transactions, as applicable, that make up that total.
  • By default, the primary breakdown on the Income and Allocation Reports is by User, with the Category breakdown appearing below each user. You can change this to primarily breakdown by Category (like the End of Day) using the drop down menu at the top of the report.

End of Day/ Week/ Month Report Details

This provides a comprehensive report of a day's financial activity.  It includes:

  • A summary of charges added in sum, and broken out by charge category and provider
  • Payments made by type (to detail a picture of a day's total deposits)
  • Over/under reports, to capture financial changes made during the day that affect a different reporting period.

Section 1: Summary of Charges Added

The first section of the report breaks out charges added by charge category.  (Charge categories are defined in your Charge List.)  Practices may have categories broken out by, for example, "Services", "Supplements", "Labs" and "Supplies".  Each category will display a total.  

Within each category, charge subtotals will be broken out by user.  Clicking on the name of each user will show a detailed list of all charges attributed to that user.

Below each of the Category subtotals, the total charges added that day are totaled by user and in sum.

Section 2: Summary of Deposits

The next section categorizes the payments made during the day.  This shows an overall total, totals by payment type and any subscription charges in the system.

The first section details any subscription payments made that day.  These are broken out by user, determined by the "Preferred Provider" designed in a patient's chart.

Below that, a list of all deposits by type shows the breakdown of the day's revenue.  These will sort by payment type, and for those practices that use it, subscriptions and insurance payments/write-offs will also be included in the day's revenue (please note: insurance write-offs will not contribute to the day's deposit totals).  For practices that process cards with Bluefin (PayConex), clicking the "CC" line item will break out payments by card type.

Section 3: Over/Under Amounts

The last section will show any changes made during the day/ reporting period that affect other reporting periods.  For example, if you edit a charge or refund a payment made the previous week, this refund will show on the Over/Under amount for the day to alert bookkeepers of the change.

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