I have imported a pharmacies "short list" with all of the pharmacies from the national database that are within 60 miles of 17050. However, you can also add as patient's preferred pharmacies, and send prescriptions to pharmacies that are in the national NCPDP database but not yet on your preferred short list, and they will be added to your preferred short list as soon as you use them once. How to search for and add a pharmacy as a patient's preferred pharmacy, though it isn't (yet) on your short list:

In a patients chart, hover over the Facilities/ Specialists box at the lower left side of their chart, and click on the double box icon at the top right of that box:

In the window that appears, search for the pharmacy that you want. If you do not see the result you are looking for, generally that is because the system preferentially returns results from your preferred short list. To see results from the full NCPDP nationwide database, add additional search terms, or add a plus symbol: