This article focuses on how to export a patient's chart out the EMR and download it as a zip file. 

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  • Open the patient's chart and go to My Links > Export Patient as Package
    (Note: If you do not see the option under My Links, please contact support so that we can enable this option for you.)
  • This will trigger a ZIP file to download. That ZIP file contains:
    1. A "Face Page" with:
      • patient's basic stats and medications list
      • patient SOAP notes
      • patient secure message communications
    2. Links to all documents
    3. Links to all uploaded photos

  • Once the file is downloaded, unzip it (right-click and unzip), and navigate to /var/www/exports/pts_******/[Patient Name and DOB]/

  • This will open their face page and at this point you can remove any file you don't want included (the download includes everything by default