This integration allows you to sync Cerbo patients with Fullscript patients, submit supplement orders to Fullscript directly from Cerbo, and view all of a patient's Fullscript supplements from their Cerbo chart, with the ability to add these to their chart in Cerbo. 

Syncing a Cerbo patient with a Fullscript Patient

NOTE: Once a patient is matched to a Fullscript account in Cerbo, you will not be able to make changes. Please carefully review your details before completing this action.

  1. In the patient's chart in Cerbo, click on the supplements tab and then on "Manage Supplements in Fullscript"
  2. If the patient has not yet been linked to a corresponding patient account in Fullscript, the "Add Patient in Fullscript" window will appear. This window will look a little different depending on the specific circumstances (see below). Note: unlike Cerbo, Fullscript does not allow multiple patients to share the same email address
    • Patient is not in Fullscript and does not share an email address with any other patients in Cerbo - option to add as a new patient in Fullscript: 
    • Patient is not in Fullscript, but shares an email address with other patients in Cerbo, one of which is already in Fullscript - no option to match or add. Must change the email address to be unique, then try again:
    • Patient is in Fullscript under a matching email - option to match to Fullscript patient
    • Patient appears to be in Fullscript under a matching name but different email - option to match to Fullscript patient or add as a new patient to Fullscript: 

If you encounter an email error in step (2) (for example, patient's email in Cerbo matches the email address of a different person in Fullscript), you would need to go back to the patient's chart and change their email address on file before being able to add/sync the patient to Fullscript. 

Otherwise, once you hit "Add" or "Match", you will be able to use the Fullscript integration for this patient!

Manage a Patient's Fullscript orders in Cerbo

  1. In the patient's chart in Cerbo, click on the supplements tab of the Medications/ Supplements block and then on "Manage Supplements in Fullscript"
  2. The manage window will appear but the patient's list of Fullscript supplements may take a minute to load. Thank you for your patience as our system communicates with Fullscript's servers to provide you with this information. 
  3. From this window, you will see a few options for the patient's listed Fullscript supplements:
    1. If the product is not yet in Cerbo, you can click on the "Add to Alt Plan Database" link to get this added to your prescribable supplements list in Cerbo.
    2. If the product is already in Cerbo but hasn't been added to this patient's supplement list, you can click on the "Add to Patient's Chart" link to add it.
    3. If the product is already in our system and already in the patient's chart, there are links to view either the alternate plan item or the patient's supplement prescription in Cerbo for this item.

Adding Fullscript Supplements to your Prescribable Supplements List in Cerbo

Before you can prescribe a supplement in Cerbo, it needs to be in your prescribable supplements list in Cerbo. For supplements that are in both Cerbo and Fullscript, you can match the Cerbo version to its Fullscript equivalent when you first send a prescription for that supplement to Fullscript from a patient's chart in Cerbo. For supplements that are in Fullscript, but not yet in your prescribable supplements list in Cerbo, you can add them to Cerbo via link: 


That link (with your Cerbo URL replacing the YOUR_CERBO_URL text) will open a tool where you can select a brand, and then import all of that brand's supplements or selected supplements from Fullscript to Cerbo. To avoid confusion with searching/ wading through too many supplements in Cerbo, we recommend being selective with the supplements that you import from Fullscript and importing whole brands only for brands that you use heavily. 

Send Supplement Prescriptions from Cerbo to Fullscript

You can send supplement prescriptions/ orders that you have added to the patient's chart in Cerbo to Fullscript, either from the main chart view or, if the supplements were added via the encounter note plan, by hovering over the plus sign in the encounter Plan box. 

From the Supplements tab of the Medications/ Supplements block in the patient's chart: check the boxes of the supplements you want to send to Fullscript, then select "Prescribe in Fullscript" from the Manage Checked drop-down menu. 

From the encounter note Plan box: hover over the plus icon and select "Prescribe Sups in Fullscript."

This will bring up the Send Prescription in Fullscript window: 

Provider Overview: select an ordering provider from the drop-down menu of Fullscript providers. You can add additional providers to these options by logging into your Fullscript account.

Supplement Overview: 

  • Supplements that have already been matched to a Fullscript product will show along with a form to complete the order. The only required fields here are product variant and number of units
  • Any supplements that have not already been matched to a Fullscript product will not be included on the order unless you first match them by clicking on the corresponding "Click here to match..." link(s).

Match Cerbo Supplement to a Fullscript Product

You can use this window to search Fullscript's product database for matches. Not seeing any matches or seeing an error message? Try (1) removing any special character(s) in the supplement name in Cerbo (like a trademark symbol), if applicable, and/ or simplifying the search terms from the full supplement name in Cerbo that is auto-populated.

When you select a matching supplement and click the Match to Product button, the ordering window will be refreshed to include this supplement's product form and it will be included on the submitted order to Fullscript. Once a supplement in Cerbo is matched to a product in Fullscript, it is permanently mapped and should not need to be matched again in the future (unless Fullscript modifies the product information or discontinues that product, in which case you'll be able to un-match and re-match to an updated product listing).

What Happens when you Route to Fullscript?

When you route the supplement prescription/ order to Fullscript, the patient will receive an email from Fullscript letting them know to log in to Fullscript and complete their order. When they log into Fullscript, the supplements that you sent from Cerbo will be in their Fullscript account/ cart just as if you had added them directly via Fullscript's interface, and they would pay and check out there.


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