You can use Chart Parts to save the body of your letter, so you can quickly pull up your saved text and put it into a letter on your letterhead, with the provider's signature that you can print, efax, or save/share with the patient via the Patient Portal.

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1. Create the letter template using Chart Parts

  • Go to Admin > Manage > Chart Parts, and click the button to add a new Chart Part Template.
  • Draft the body of your letter, including the patient's name and other identifying information via text variable, if desired.
  • Ignore the Add Action options at the bottom, and save your template.

2. Create an encounter note (or open an unsigned encounter note) and insert your letter template into the text of your encounter note:

  • Type a few letters of the name or nickname of your letter template Chart Part, and then select from the suggested matches at the left to add it into the text of your encounter note
  • Highlight the text that was inserted
  • Some options should appear as soon as the text is highlighted (or, if they do not, regular left click on the highlighted text to see options). Click on the option to "...Create Fax with Selected".
  • That will pull up an editable, printable, faxable, saveable form with your text in the message area. 
  • Use the Template selector at the top left to select between a Standard Fax Form (contains To, From, and Patient Information sections, in addition to letterhead and signature) and a Blank Fax Form (contains only the letterhead, message, and signature). If you change from the default Standard Fax Form selection, you will see a warning that any changes will be lost. Note that the text that was originally inserted by highlighting and selecting the option to Create Fax with Selected will NOT be lost if you toggle between those fax template options.
  • Make changes as needed and print/ fax/ save as desired.

3. Alternately, if you do not have or want to create an encounter note, you can use a secure message to do this outside of the encounter note (which you can exit without sending if you don't need to send any message to the patient):

  • Pull the Chart Part into a secure message
  • Highlight the text that was inserted and Ctrl + C to copy
  • Go to Reports > Blank Editable Form Template in the patient's chart
  • Click in the message area to edit it, and then Ctrl + V to paste.  Edit and print/fax/save as desired.