You can use Chart Parts to create the body of your work or school excuse letter, then create a letter with your signature that you can print, efax, or save/share with the patient via the Patient Portal:

From inside an encounter note:
  • Pull the Chart Part into an encounter note
  • Highlight the text that was inserted
  • Some options may appear as soon as the text is highlighted or, if they do not, regular left click on the highlighted text to see options of what to do with the highlighted text. One of those is "...Create Fax with Selected".
  • Click on that option to pull up an editable, printable, faxable, saveable form with your text in the message area. Edit and print/fax/save as desired.

OR, if there is no encounter associated, you can do this outside of the encounter note is a slightly more roundabout way using a secure message (which you can exit without sending if you don't need to send any message to the patient):
  • Pull the Chart Part into a secure message
  • Highlight the text that was inserted and Ctrl + C to copy
  • Go to Reports > Blank Editable Form Template
  • Click in the message area to edit it, and then Ctrl + V to paste. ¬†Edit and print/fax/save as desired.