You can prevent certain users in your Cerbo EHR software from seeing a patient's chart and SOAP notes. After you navigate to a patient's chart, go to top menu Preferences > Manage Chart Access. You should see a window that looks like this:

Uncheck the box next to the name(s) of users you don't want to see this patient's chart and SOAP notes, then press Save Restrictions. To re-grant them access, re-check the box and click "Save Restrictions". 

Some things to know: 

  • If all users are selected, everyone will have access to this chart, including users added in the future. This is the default.
  • If not all users are selected (in this example: Marge Simpson), then they will not have access to this patient's chart. This includes users added to Cerbo after a particular chart is restricted. You will need to add access for new users manually.

When a user tries to access a chart or SOAP note that they don't have access to, they will see this:

If the user needs to be granted temporary emergency access, they can click on the "click here to view it" link, where they will have to give an explanation on why they need access to the chart. The primary contact in your Cerbo EHR will be notified of this via email. The temporary emergency access will last until the user logs out. During this time, they will not have the ability to manage permissions for this chart.

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