ActiveCampaign is a mass messaging and automated messaging platform, that can be integrated with your Cerbo EHR. Using ActiveCampaign with Cerbo allows you to send out mass messages (e.g., newsletters, special promotions, etc.) to your patients via ActiveCampaign, as well as to create automations to send automated messages (e.g., birthday emails, follow up after an appointment, or automated recall if a patient has not been seen in a period of time). Below are video tutorials that cover common tasks and automations in ActiveCampaign. 

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Introduction: Using ActiveCampaign Integrated with Cerbo - Contacts, Lists, and Campaigns

This 10 minute video gives a brief introduction to how to use ActiveCampaign integrated with your Cerbo account. Including a look at finding and searching contacts in ActiveCampaign, mailing lists, and how to create a Campaign (mass email). 

Creating and Maintaining Mailing Lists in ActiveCampaign based on the Patient's status in Cerbo

It will be very helpful to have an automatically updated "Active Patients" mailing list in ActiveCampaign. As well as a Prospective Patients mailing list if you're tracking prospective patients in Cerbo.

This 9 minute video reviews how to add contacts to a mailing list in ActiveCampaign. As well as how to create an automation to maintain Active Patient (and Prospective Patient, if desired) mailing list(s) based on the patient's status in Cerbo.

Happy Birthday Emails

You can use ActiveCampaign with Cerbo to send out an automated email (or SMS message) based on the patient's birthday. This 5 minute video shows how to set that up.

Automated Recall after a Period with No Appointment

You may want to follow up with patients who are disengaged and have not had an appointment in a period of time. You can do that based on a date-based automation that runs based on the Last Appointment Date that syncs over from Cerbo. This 8 minute video reviews how to set up that recall automation.

Automated Follow Up After a Specific Appointment Type

This 6 minute video reviews how to set up an automation to follow up with patients a set amount of time after a certain type of appointment in Cerbo.

Note: the functionality described here depends on your having an active account with ActiveCampaign, a third party system that integrates with your Cerbo EHR. Please see here for more information about our integration with ActiveCampaign.