When we set up your Active Campaign integration, we will sync over all of your Active patients (patients with a Status of Active in the EHR) to Active Campaign as contacts. Within Active Campaign, you will use your contacts to create at least one mailing list that you will use in your Campaigns and Automations. 

Note: that if a contact is not subscribed to any mailing list (or is unsubscribed to any mailing list), they will NOT receive automated emails from Active Campaign.

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One really useful list to have, will be an up-to-date list of your Active Patients. You can use a simple automation in Active Campaign to create and update this list so that contacts whose status is changed to Inactive in the EHR are automatically removed, and new patients who are added in the EHR are automatically added not only to Active Campaign, but to the Active Patients mailing list in Active Campaign.

Help with how to set up this automation is in a short video here.

Note: the functionality described here depends on your having an active account with Active Campaign, a third party system that integrates with your Cerbo EHR. Please see here for more information about our integration with Active Campaign.