When we set up the integration between your Cerbo EHR and ActiveCampaign, we can sync over all of your Active or Prospective status patients to ActiveCampaign as contacts. Within ActiveCampaign, the email address is the core identifier, meaning that there will be only one contact for any patients that share an email address within Cerbo, and patients without an email address in Cerbo will not sync to ActiveCampaign.

To send a mass email from ActiveCampaign (called a "Campaign" in that platform), you will need to create at least one mailing list of the contacts that you will send this email to. This article describes how to use an automation to keep an Active Patients mailing list up to date automatically as patients are added or edited in Cerbo. 

Note: that if a contact is not subscribed to any mailing list (or is unsubscribed from any mailing list), they will NOT receive automated emails from ActiveCampaign.



Video: How to set up an automation to maintain patient list(s) in ActiveCampaign based on the patient's status in Cerbo.

To send a mass email from ActiveCampaign (called a "Campaign), you will need to first select a mailing list. Your mailing lists are created under Contacts > Lists within your ActiveCampaign account. You will want to create at least one list there, and may create several in order to easily send to certain segments of your patients.

You can easily mass-update a mailing list directly from your ActiveCampaign contacts page just before sending a campaign, using the Advanced Search at the top right of the Contacts page, and then the Edit All button. 

However, there is a simple automation that you can set up to maintain mailing lists for your Active Patients (and your Prospective Patients, if desired) based on their status in Cerbo. That way, patients whose status in Cerbo changes to Inactive or Deceased are automatically removed from the list. And new patients who are added in the EHR (or whose status is changed to Active) are automatically added not only to ActiveCampaign, but to the Active Patients mailing list in ActiveCampaign.

Help with how to setup this automation is shown in this short (9 min) video:

The trigger for your automation will be based on when the Contact Field changes. The specific contact field is the status field that syncs automatically from Cerbo. And the trigger should be set to run "every time" the contact field is added to or updated:

Once the contact is in the automation (because they were just added to Cerbo OR because their status was updated in Cerbo), you'll want to check what their status is in order to know which list to subscribe them to, or unsubscribe them from. To add that, click on the plus sign after the trigger, then on "Conditions and Workflow", and then "If/ Else".

Under "Select a condition," search for status, and select MDHQ Patient Status. Then leave "Is" in the middle. And select "Active" at the right. Then Save.
Under the Yes column, click on the plus sign to add another action. In this case, if the patient's status is Active, we want to ADD them to the Active Patients mailing list (and remove them from a Prospective Patients mailing list, if you have one).

  • This is done by selecting Contacts in the Add Action window, then Subscribe, and selecting your Active Patients mailing list.

Similarly, you can unsubscribe them from the Prospective Patients mailing list, if applicable. Then don't forget to add on an "End this Automation." 

Next, under the No branch, you'll want to add what happens if the patient is NOT Active status. If you are maintaining a Prospective Patients list, you'll add another If/ Else to check if they are Prospective, and add/ remove them from the applicable lists. Then on the last No branch, you'll want to unsubscribe the patient from the Active Patient list, and the Prospective patient list, if applicable (or all lists).

Then name your automation, and set it to Active to make it start running.

Note: the functionality described here depends on your having an active account with ActiveCampaign, a third party system that integrates with your Cerbo EHR. Please see here for more information about our integration with ActiveCampaign.