You can use your integrated Active Campaign account to automatically send specific follow up emails after a patient has a certain type of appointment with you. This can be a simple follow up email that you schedule out, or can be more complex/ targeted. Some basic examples of what you can do:

  • Automatically follow up 1 week after the New Patient Appointment with a "Welcome to the Practice" email
  • Automatically follow up 6 months after a specific appointment to say that its time to re-do labs
  • Automatically follow up 2 weeks after a Free 15 Min Consult visit IF they haven't already scheduled an appt, prompting them to take the next steps to sign up

Help with how to set up this type of automation is in a short video here.

Note: the functionality described here depends on your having an active account with Active Campaign, a third party system that integrates with your Cerbo EHR. Please see here for more information about our integration with Active Campaign.