You can use your integrated ActiveCampaign account to automatically send specific follow up emails after a patient has a certain type of appointment with you.

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Following up After an Appointment

This can be a simple follow up email that you schedule out, or can be more complex/ targeted. Some basic examples of what you can do:

  • Automatically follow up 1 week after the New Patient Appointment with a "Welcome to the Practice" email
  • Automatically follow up 6 months after a specific appointment to say that its time to re-do labs
  • Automatically follow up 2 weeks after a Free 15 Min Consult visit IF they haven't already scheduled an appt, prompting them to take the next steps to sign up

The trigger for an automation to follow up after an appointment would be when a Field Changes, selecting the Custom Contact Field MDHQ Last Appointment Type. 

Help/ an example of how to set up this type of automation is in a short video here.

Recall Messages

If you want to follow up with the patient to prompt them to schedule their next appointment, but only if they haven't already done so, you can do that by adding a Goal to your follow up automation. The Goal could be triggered by Next Appointment Type... Is Not Blank (or is a specific appointment type that they are meant to schedule). Place the goal just before the automation End, so that when that goal is met, the contact is removed from where they are in the automation and placed at the goal step. That way, when they schedule the desired follow up appointment, they will not receive any more reminders.

Adding an Extra Reminder Before an Appointment

Additionally, you can use ActiveCampaign to add an additional reminder, beyond what is built into Cerbo already, before an appointment. The caveat for using ActiveCampaign for additional pre-appointment reminders is that ActiveCampaign can only see the patient's immediate next upcoming appointment - which is synced over as MDHQ Next Appointment Date (and MDHQ Next Appointment Type). So if they have more than one appointment scheduled in relatively quick succession - closer than the interval of time before the appointment that you are setting the reminder - they may only receive the reminder for the earliest one of those. 

The trigger for the additional pre-appointment reminder automation should be Date Based:

Beside the Start option, select "Before" and enter how long before their next appointment you want the reminder to go out. In the drop down menu to the right of that, select MDHQ Next Appt Date under Contact Fields. Set it so that this runs when the year, month, and day match conditions:

At the next step in the automation, add an action to occur - in this case, either Send an Email or Send an SMS under Sending Options. Create the email or SMS as needed. 

You can add additional email/ SMS reminders into your automation as desired. And could even add a confirmation button to your email, for example, that redirects to a page on your own website or tags the contact in ActiveCampaign. And add a Goal to your automation, so that when that button is clicked, they do not receive additional reminders that would otherwise continue to be sent, and/ or so that a message is sent out to a practice contact to let them know the appointment is confirmed.

Don't forget to add an "End this Automation" step. At its simplest, the automation would look something like this:

Note: the functionality described here depends on your having an active account with ActiveCampaign, a third party system that integrates with your Cerbo EHR. Please see here for more information about our integration with ActiveCampaign.