To make it easier for you to contact patients and view their preferred pharmacies, facilities, and specialists (and their respective contact information) while on the go, there is a mobile address book web app that you can access via the web browser on your smartphone. You would access that by opening the web browser on your smartphone, and typing into the web address bar your EHR URL, followed by specific additional information, like this:

You can also create a shortcut on your phone to be able to open this link up more quickly. Once you log in, you can stay logged in for up to 30 days at a time, and can use the web app to access non-medical details about patients.

When you first open the app, you will log in, and then will see a search bar to search for patients. Type your search terms (full or partial words or numbers in any order), and tap on the patient's name when it appears to expand that patient's details:

Tapping on a patient's name will expand their contact information, preferred pharmacies/ laboratories/ facilities, and provide a link to the patient's chart. Tap on a pharmacy/ laboratory/ facility listing to expand to view the details for that listing: 

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