Questionnaires Page Set-Up:

There are many ways to reinforce and customize the patient portal Questionnaires Page and help guide patients to fill out forms before their first appointment.


  1. Customize Messaging on your Questionnaires Page:

The text on the above page is completely customizable.  Send in what you would like the page to state and I can insert the text above you questionnaires to be filled in.  

2. Add some templating to your appointment message reminders using either chart parts or manually that reminds patients they will receive an invite to the portal before their first appointment and after they log onto the portal, they should go to the Questionnaires page to fill out all Consents and Questionnaires.

3. We can enable “Reminder” Alerts that will show up for patients until they complete a form.  They are associated with specific forms, so indicate to your implementation manager which forms you would like to link these reminders to.  It will create an exclamation point associated with the Questionnaires Page and the Start Button will appear Red until the patient completes the form.


Other Form Customizations:

Taggable Forms

Many Providers choose to utilize the tag system within Cerbo by MD HQ to help manage their forms and release them to patients on a needs basis.  This can help to keep your Questionnaires and Forms Pages cleaner and easier to manage visually for patients if you utilize many specialized forms and consents.

Your page would have a static set of forms that all New Patients would be able to access and see when they visited the Questionnaires page and then all other specialized consents and questionnaires would be released to the patient to be viewed and filled out by adding the tag in the patient’s chart.


Let your Implementation Manager which forms you would like to have tagged and the tag names you would like attached to those forms.  

Disappearing Forms

We are able to configure specific forms so that once the patient has filled out that form on the patient portal, the button for that form will disappear from the Questionnaires Page for that patient.  This is best for forms you are sure you would like patients to only fill out once.

Forms to Appear for Specific Populations

We are able to configure specific forms to only appear for specific populations of your patients, IE would you like the Women’s Questionnaire to only appear for patients with the sex defined at female and over the age of 18?  Would you like the Medicare Exempt form to appear for patient 65 or older?  Let us know the consent or questionnaires and the guidelines and we are able to configure the customization.