The text variables available for quick charting (i.e., for use in your chart parts) will not work for your email and SMS reminders/notifications for scheduled appointments.

In order to save a reminder that will pull in custom details about that patient's appointment, use the following:

Email Reminder

The following variables are available for use in your email reminder templates:

[[pt_first_name]] will insert the patient's first name

[[pt_last_name]] will insert the patient's last name

[[scheduled_type]]  will insert the type of appointment (i.e., whatever has been set as the "Appointment Name on Portal")

[[scheduled_provider]] will insert the associated providers or resources (note that if at least one user is associated with the event, resources will NOT be included)


will be sent as:

Note that your practice details and the appointment time are automatically included on this reminder.

SMS Reminders

There is only one available variable for use in your SMS reminder templates: [[datetime]], which will be replaced with the appointment date and time details. 


will be sent as:

If you do not use the [[datetime]] variable in your SMS reminders, the appointment date and time will automatically get included to the beginning of your message. 


then it will be sent as: