Each user can set their own default saved filtered view of the Patient Portal Queue. Available filters include who the request is assigned to, as well as the request type (Secure Message versus uploaded Questionnaire, etc.)

Assigned to means that EITHER it was tasked to that person, or that it was a secure message directed at that person.

Select the desired view using the View: All Requests drop down menu, and the filters icon, as desired. Then click the save button to save that view as your own default view for the PPQ.

Workflow tip

Multi-user clinics will generally want to have certain staff who are primarily responsible for handling/ triaging incoming requests. In the Patient Portal queue, those staff members would set their default view to "View: Myself + Unassigned." They would handle the requests themselves that they could handle independently. And they would task requests to other staff members as needed, using the "Assign as task to" button associated with the request.

Providers or other staff members who are NOT primarily responsible for triaging incoming requests would set their default PPQ view to "View: Assigned to Myself." That way, they would only see requests in the queue that require their attention.

Note that the filtered view only impacts the main PPQ window. All incoming requests are still shown in the PPQ mini block at the right of the schedule page, regardless of your saved default PPQ filters