Insurance Claims Workflows

This help article will walk you through posing an insurance payment or write-off, assuming that you are submitting claims and then manually posting payments into your Cerbo software. If you don't see the options available on this page it is most likely because your practice does not have the "Bills Insurance" flag turned on. Please contact if you want to have that setting enabled or disabled.

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If you bill insurance, you may want to track payments or EOBs you're receiving from insurers in Cerbo. To post a payment and/or record an insurance write-off you can do this either from the patient's chart or from hovering over Reporting at the top of the page, and selecting Insurance Payments. This option will not be there if Cerbo Support has not turned on your ability to bill insurance.  

Above is an image of the Insurance Payments page. You can re-sort the list by patient's name, payor, or date of service. To do so select the corresponding column at the top of the page.  You can also use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the results by days overdue, the associated provider, or - if you are using the EDI generator  - whether the line-item if unpaid, unfiled, or filed. 

Once you've found the service code/charge that you want to update, just click anywhere on the row except for the patient's name (as that will take you to their chart) and it should pop open a window that looks like this:

Note: this window can also be accessed from the patient's chart by just finding the charge in question and clicking it.

In the box in the bottom right corner just add in the amount of the payment and/or the amount written off. If you fill in the Reimbursed field, you can just click the words "Written Off" if you'd like to take the remainder of the balance as a write-off. Then just click in the "Date Paid" field to select the payment date so it shows up correctly on reports:

Note: The calendar-selector may look different on different browsers.

Once everything is set, just click the "Edit this Charge" button and it should record the new third-party payment details. If the data you added handles all the remaining insurance balance (i.e. the "Reimbursed" + "Write Off" = "Insurance Share/Obligation") then the charge line-item will disappear from the Insurance Payments tab as the system will consider the line-item "Handled". If there is some third-party balance still unaccounted for you'll see the line item remain on the Insurance Payments report, but with balances updated according to your updates.

Troubleshooting Common Issues 

If you do not see the Insurance Payments tab or the EDI generator available to you, please contact about setting those up.

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