The initial sync that we do at Cerbo when setting up your Active Campaign integration should bring over all of the field statuses that you need, but we have noticed in some cases that the MDHQ Patient Status field values do not come over to Active Campaign (making it so that the MDHQ Patient Status cannot be used in automations etc.). If you notice that you do not have the ability to use MDHQ Patient Status in an automation, the first thing to try is to make sure the patient status options are in Active Campaign, and to add them if not. 

In Active Campaign, go to Forms > Manage Fields. Click on the Edit button to the right of the MDHQ Patient Status field:

If you do not see the statuses Active, Inactive, Prospective, and Deceased in there, then you would manually add them using the + Add Option button. Because these need to match up with the information in the EHR, you will need to use the exact wording/ spelling/ options as are in your EHR. Once you've added those options, click the Save button to save.