The end of day/ week/ month report shows a breakdown of all CHARGES added during a specific period of time by category and, within each category by user (charge "owner"). You can click on any Total or any user's name to see the breakdown of individual charges.

The Total Revenue section shows the total of all CHARGES (whether paid or unpaid).

The Total Deposits section shows all PAYMENTS for that period, by Payment Method. For a breakdown of all PAYMENTS by category and user, check out the Income Report.

The Over/ Under Amount section shows any changes (edits or refunds to charges, etc.) that affect the current period, but occurred outside of the period. So, for example, if a charge was added on 1/8, which was later voided on 1/16, that charge amount would appear in the Over/ Under amount for the End of Day Report for 1/8.

Why is there a difference between the Total Revenue and Total Deposits?

There is almost always going to be a difference between the total CHARGES for a particular period, and the total PAYMENTS for that period, because there will be some charges that were not paid in that period, and/ or some payments that came in for charges in previous periods. To find out more about what specific charges were not paid in a specific period, you can use the Revenue per Patient report.