For charts that share the same email address (i.e. children added under the parent's email address), you need to be sure to set up their portal accounts with unique usernames.

To get this set up:

  1. Open up one of the patient charts, click on the pencil icon of the Patient Information block, and click on the Patient Portal tab. 
  2. Enable portal access by clicking on the "Patient Can Access Portal" option and change the username to something unique to this patient:
    Then make sure to click the "+ Save Changes" button.
  3. Open up that window again (repeat step 1) and confirm you see the new username displaying there. Then click the "Invite to Portal: Send invitation/reset email to [patient's email]" link to send an email to the patient to set up their account password.
  4. Wait for the patient to confirm with you that they have finished setting up this account's password, then repeat the process for the next account that shares this email address (making sure to set a different unique username in step 2).
    • Alternatively, you can go through steps 1-3 for each patient chart and then send them an email letting them know (a) the order in which you did this along with (b) what each username is. For example, you would send an email saying something like:
      You should have received two emails for setting up your portal accounts. The first email is for John Doe's chart and his username is johndoe. The second email is for Jane Doe's chart and her username is janedoe.

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