To create a new purchase order, go to Admin > My Inventory. 


From here, there are three ways that you can get started:

  1. Click the "Create Purchase Order" button at the top of the window.
    This will bring up a blank purchase order form and you will be able to search your inventory list to add items to the order.

  2. Click the "Clone" link next to any previously added purchase order. **
    This will bring up the pre-populated purchase order form with all of the details from your cloned order (inventory + vendor details). You will have the ability to modify from here.
    ** NOTE: If you aren't seeing your previously added purchase orders, click on the "Show Purchase Orders" link in the upper-left corner of the screen:
    If you don't see this option, it means that you have never created an order before.

  3. Check the boxes of the inventory items you need to order and then select "Create Purchase Order" from the drop-down menu to the right of the screen.
    This will bring up the pre-populated purchase order form with all of the inventory items you had checked.


Once you have the purchase order form pulled up, there are is a VENDOR INFORMATION section and an ORDER DETAILS section:


  • Complete this section to the best of your ability, but only the name field is required. 
  • You will only need to complete this section once per vendor (details will be saved for future orders and the vendor information will populate):
    NOTE: If you select to use a previous vendor and then change any of the details, the saved vendor information will be updated accordingly once you hit save.
  • If you include a tax rate and/or shipping rate, these will be automatically calculated and added to the printable/faxable order form once you save the order.
  • If you include a fax number, this will auto-populate the fax number field once you have generated and saved a printable copy.


  • If you checked inventory before generating, or if you cloned a previous order, those items will automatically be listed here. You can remove any items by clicking the red X next to each or add new items using the search area.
  • If you include a product ID for an item, this will be automatically added to the item in the future if you order it from the same vendor (i.e. these are saved per vendor).
    If you haven't ever done this before but the item has a "Vendor/Supplier Code" set in it's inventory profile, it will be listed here before you select a vendor (and then if you select a vendor but have never saved a product ID for the item with this vendor, it will remain as the "Vendor/Supplier Code" from the item's core inventory definition).

If you have the "Generate Printable Copy" option checked, then the printable copy will open automatically once you hit save. If you don't have it checked, you will still be able to create this in the future. Additional help with this can be found in the Printable/Faxable Purchase Orders help article

Once you are ready, click the "+Save" button to add the order. Note that you cannot go back and modify an order once it has been added (you would instead clone it to modify and add as a separate/new order) so please make sure you are ready before you save.