You can use Purchase Order(s) to reorder inventory items from your vendors, quickly restock to inventory from a Purchase Order, and track pending and previously-filled orders. Purchase Orders are found under Admin > My Inventory. This help page covers: 

  1. Creating a new purchase order
  2. Populating the purchase order
  3. Creating the printable/ faxable purchase order form
  4. Viewing a saved purchase order
  5. Restocking to inventory from an open purchase order

Creating a New Purchase Order

There are three ways that you can create a new purchase order:

1. Click the "+ Create Purchase Order" button at the top. This will bring up a blank purchase order form and you will be able to search your inventory list to add items to the order.

2. Click the "Clone" link next to an existing purchase order.
This will bring up a pre-populated purchase order form with all of the details from your cloned order (inventory + vendor details), which you can modify.

 ** NOTE: If you aren't seeing your previously added purchase orders, click on the "Show Purchase Orders" link in the upper-left corner of the screen (option only appears if you've created a purchase order before).

3. Check the boxes to the left of specific inventory items you want to order and then select "Create Purchase Order" from the Manage Checked drop-down menu at the right (OR click the "+ Create Purchase Order" button). This will bring up the purchase order form already populated with the checked items.

Populating the Purchase Order

The Purchase Order form contains a Vendor Information section and an Order Details section:

Vendor Information

Only the name field is required, but add as much additional information as desired. 

  • You will only need to complete this section once per vendor - details will be saved for future orders and the vendor information will automatically populate:
    NOTE: If you select a previous vendor and then change or add vendor details, the saved information for that vendor will be updated accordingly once you hit save.

  • If you include a tax rate and/or shipping rate, these will be automatically calculated and added to the printable/ faxable purchase order form once you save the order.
  • If you include a fax number, this will auto-populate the fax number field once you have generated and saved a printable copy.

Order Details

If you checked inventory before generating or cloned a previous order, the applicable items will automatically be listed under the Order Details. 

  • To remove an item, clicking the red X to its right.
  • To add an item, search in the "Search for Inventory to Add" search bar, and select the inventory item to add from your search results.
  • If you include an item's product ID, this will be automatically added to the item if you order it from the same vendor in the future (i.e., these are saved per vendor).
    If  the item has a "Vendor/Supplier Code" set within Admin > Inventory, it will be listed here automatically unless you select a vendor for which you have a different code saved for this specific item with that vendor, in which case the saved vendor-specific code will override.

Creating the Printable/ Faxable Purchase Order Form

There are two ways to create a printable/faxable version of your purchase order:

  1. When initially creating the purchase order, there is a checkbox option at the bottom of the form to "Generate Printable Copy". If you have this checked, it will automatically open the printable form in a new window once you save the order.
  2. If you have already added the purchase order, go to Admin > My Inventory > View Purchase Orders and click on the "Create Doc" icon next to the purchase order in question:
    NOTE: Once you have already created a printable/ faxable purchase order form for a particular PO, you will see a "View Doc" option with a printer icon - in place of the Save/ Create Doc button - which you can use to re-open the already saved version.

Once you are taken to the printable copy, you will need to save before you can do anything else (fax/ print).

  • Need to make edits first? Click anywhere in the document to edit it (the text will turn red on hover if editable).
  • There is a checkbox option to include a provider signature at the bottom of the order form.

*** Once you click save, you CANNOT EDIT OR RE-GENERATE THE PRINTABLE COPY (to correct mistakes after saving, you would need to clone the original PO, and then delete the erroneous one), so please review carefully before saving:

This will then reload the page with the saved copy, and the given options to print and fax. If you had included a fax number for the vendor when you created the purchase order, this will be pre-populated as the fax number:

Viewing a Saved Purchase Order

There are two places to access and view previously saved purchase order forms:

  1. Your printable purchase order forms will be saved under Admin > Practice Documents > Purchase Orders (tab will automatically be added once you have saved 1+ order forms).
  2. Admin > My Inventory > View Purchase Orders and click on the "View Doc" option next to the order you want to see.

Additionally, you will be able to see beneath any inventory items in your main inventory view if there is an open Purchase Order for that item, and how many are pending receipt under that Purchase Order.


Restocking to Inventory from a Purchase Order

When you receive your order, click on the "Fill Order" link for the saved purchase order: 


Increase by x Units

The "Increase by X Units" field will automatically populate with the number of units you ordered. You can click to edit this number as needed (for example if you only received part of your order).

Just above this field, you will also see:

  •  [# you like to keep in inventory/ order at one time] (restock at  [# you like to restock at]"

You will notice that the last two numbers (# you like to keep in inventory/ order at one time, and # you like to restock at) are underlined and bold. This means that you can click on either number to change the "Increase by X Units" field to this instead of the number originally ordered.

Abandon item (I will not be restocking from this purchase order)" for a specific item, then the item will not be refilled and will be removed from the Refill screen if you keep the purchase order open and come back to finish filling it later.

Save & Leave Open

If you receive a partial shipment and are expecting more to come, modify the units accordingly in the Increase by x Units field(s) for the ordered items, and click the Save and Leave Open button. Then if you click on the "See Details" link next to the open purchase order, the number/date filled will be blank for any items that have not yet been filled:
When you click on Fill Order again, previously filled or abandoned items will be hidden.

Save & Close

If you have received all of the ordered items, or at least all of the items that you're expecting to receive (e.g., any items that you haven't received are not going to be filled), review of the numbers to make sure everything looks correct and, if applicable, adjust amounts to reflect any under-fulfillment/ check the box to "Abandon item" for any items that are not going to be filled. Then click Save and Close to mark the purchase order as Filled and remove it from your saved purchase orders list (unless you check the box to "Show Closed").

Any items that were marked as abandoned will appear red in the details for the applicable Purchase Order.

Abandon Purchase Order

If you no longer expect to fill an order, click the "Abandon Purchase Order" button. This will move it to your closed Purchase Orders without refilling any of the items, and mark it as Abandoned.