This article focuses on how to return or restock a dispensed medication. 

Note: This article is for return pharmaceutical inventory products, not for returning/restocking supplies or supplements.

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If you dispense a medication to a patient, but the patient does not pick it up or you otherwise want to "cancel" the dispense, first void any charge associated with the dispense and then to push the medications, and then - to return the dispensed doses to the inventory:

  1. From the patient's chart expand the medication block using the pop-out icon in the top right of the Medication block. At the bottom of the window that opens you should see a list of their dispense history:
  2. Click the [Edit] link on the right side of the dispense you're trying to void and restock.
  3. A dispense-edit window will pop up:

    (a) If you only want to return some of the pills to inventory, change the dispensed number - you'll see a checkbox appear asking if you want to return the difference to inventory. Select this checkbox if appropriate and select Edit.
    (b) If you want to remove the entire dispense, click the Delete option - you'll be prompted to confirm that you want to delete it, and then you'll see a second prompt asking if you want to restock the doses to inventory (prompt may look different based on what browser you're using):
    Restock to inventory
  4. If you chose to restock the doses to inventory you'll now see that they are back in the original lot from which they were dispensed.