If you would like to have unregistered / new / prospective patients be able to request an appointment on your website (i.e. not in the Patient Portal), this is something we can set up for you.

To request the embedded scheduler, email support@cer.bo. Let us know the appointments you would like to be available, and we will send you back a URL that your web developer can embed in an iframe on your site.

You can limit the types of appointments available - for instance - you could allow anyone to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, but block all other types of appointments. The embedded scheduler works just like requesting an appointment on the portal, except there is a fifth step after the patient selects a the appointment time:

This request will come into the Patient Portal Queue as "Unregistered Patient would like to add an appointment" and includes all the information from above, so you may add them as a patient if you wish.