This article provides general information about the My Supplements Patient Portal page. The design and specific details may vary for your clinic's Patient Portal, or the page itself may not be available. 

*NOTE - the specific options available on the Patient Portal, instructions, and certain other details differ from one clinic to the next, depending on the clinic's preferences and customizations. 


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Depending upon the options that your clinic has enabled for their Patient Portal, you can go to the My Supplements page to:  

  • Add the supplements you are currently taking
  • View the supplements on file with your provider
  • Request to remove supplements you are no longer taking
  • Request a supplement refill (if the clinic dispenses supplements and has this option enabled)

When you add a supplement, request to remove a supplement, or request a supplement refill, that goes to the clinic as a request, and is shown in the Patient Portal as a "pending request." The clinic will review the request and respond. Once they accept the addition or removal request, it will be reflected accordingly in your Supplements list.

Add a Supplement You're Currently Taking

To add a new supplement that you're taking to the supplements list on file for you with your provider, click the ADD A NEW SUPPLEMENT button. Type to search for the supplement you're taking (whole or partial words are fine). 

If a matching supplement is not found, you can click anywhere in the NO MATCHING SUPPLEMENT FOUND message to add a new supplement to the database: 

That will bring up a form for you to add the supplement details. Leave any fields blank that are inapplicable or not known:

Note that when you manually add supplement details for a supplement that you were not able to find via the search, the clinic has the option to either add it to the supplement database and to your chart (in which case you would see it in your Supplements list once it is added), or to add it as a free text supplement note (in which case you would NOT see it in your Supplements list, but the clinic will have it in your record).

No Supplements

If a patient is not taking any supplements, they can indicate as such by clicking the checkbox that says "I am not currently taking any supplements." 

A window to Update Your Supplement List will populate allowing patient the option to provide any relevant notes as to why they are not taking any supplements currently.

A nudge, or alert, can be set up for this page where an exclamation mark is shown on the Supplemnts icon in the portal menu if patient has not entered anything or checked the box to indicate it is not applicable.


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