When Patients go to send a Secure Message from the patient portal, they will open the "Submit a Secure Message" window. There are several configurable options for this view. 

Without any edits, the "Submit a Secure Message" window will appear with the below options:

1. A drop down to choose which staff member to direct their message to

2. A drop down for the preferred method by which the practice staff should respond 

3. An option to mark that that no reply is necessary

4. An acknowledgment that there may be a fee for sending a secure message

Any of the above options can be removed.  In addition, we can limit which staff members appear in the drop down for option #1, and we can edit the text to your specifications for option #4.

Limiting Secure Messages Length or Number of Secure Messages Allowed in a Day/Week:

You may set a character limit for secure messages. One sentence on average is about 110 characters in length.  If you would like to set a character limit, just let either your Implementation Manager or the Support staff at Cerbo know and we can update your build.

You may also limit the number of secure messages a patient can send within a time period IE, you so patients can only send 3 messages in a 24 hour period, or 5 within a week. We do caution putting too tight a restriction on the amount as this limits your patients ability to access you through the patient portal.  When the patients reach their limit in a time period the patient will receive a stock message unless the client sends a custom message to their Implementation Manager or the Cerbo Support staff to upload.