Welcome to Cerbo!

We love our DPC Clinics and there are a few configuration items we like to point out that can help to cater the Patient Portal to your unique Practice structure.

DPC and Memberships/Subscriptions:

While we are currently integrated with two merchant service vendors, we do suggest Bluefin for our DPC clients as our subscription membership is more fully built out as a strong platform for your subscription needs.  Read more here: Bluefin and subscriptions.

Secure Messages:

Let us know if you would like us to remove the acknowledgment that states the patient may be billed for sending secure messages through the Patient Portal.  We are also able to swap out this text with any custom text of your choosing that is more appropriate to your practice.

Patient Medication Refill Requests:

We can remove the acknowledgment that patients will be billed for the processing of medication refills.

References to Insurance on the Patient Portal:

If your practice does not take insurance we can remove all references to insurance from the Patient Portal. 

The below Insurance Information section from the Account Details tab would be removed.