We have a few options for practices that use telemedicine/ video calls in their practice:

  • Native video conferencing through Cerbo, see below
  • We have a light integration with Doxy.me, in that we can embed a link to your waiting room in the patient portal.
  • Zoom integration
  • And of course, you can use the non-integrated telemedicine program of your choice side-by-side with Cerbo!

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Cerbo Integrated Telemedicine Module

Our integrated telemedicine module is entirely web-based - nothing to install for either participant. And works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Because it is part of the EHR, it is HIPAA-compliant, of course, and fully integrated into your workflow. And you can view the active video side-by-side with the patient's chart, so you can view key information and chart during the course of your conversation.

Additional features include: 

  • Custom branding with your logo and patient-portal sub-domain (URL).
  • Support for 3-4 participants per call (at a higher cost per provider, see below)
  • Participants can choose from their available audio/ video input devices, or call into an 800 number if they're not able to connect to audio via their computer.
  • Screensharing within the call.
  • HIPAA-compliant.

Key limitations to be aware of:

  • No call recording or auto-transcription built-in. You can record the call using third-party screen-recording software. But please be aware of any HIPAA and privacy considerations before doing so!


Because we incur costs per minute per participant for video usage, there is an additional charge for integrated telemedicine. Please reach out to support@cer.bo for pricing information for your clinic.

Enabling the Built-In Telemedicine Module

Please contact us at support@cer.bo to request that we enable this module for you.

How to Use Cerbo's Integrated Telemedicine

Getting Set Up - Virtual Appointment and Encounter Types

First things first, you will want to set up your Virtual Visit appointment types for scheduling, and your encounter type for virtual visits.

Virtual Appointment Type(s)

Specific appointment types for your virtual appointments will be useful so that you can have text that is specific to your virtual visits in the default Email Notice, Email Reminder, and SMS Reminders. Click for help with:

Encounter Type for Virtual Visit Notes

You can create a new encounter type for your video/ virtual visit notes under Admin > Manage > Encounter Types. The place of service code you will use for that encounter type is 02. That code will populate onto insurance invoices/ HCFA/ EDI, as applicable.

Scheduling a Telemedicine Visit

When you're adding an appointment to the schedule, you can check a box to designate it as a Telemedicine Visit:

If you check the "Is Telemedicine" checkbox and add the event, it will schedule the appointment and automatically include the meeting information in the initial Email Notice as well as in the iCal calendar attachment that goes out with that initial email (so it's easily added to the patient's default calendar). A note will be appending to that email that looks like: 

This is a virtual appointment. A few minutes before the appointment is set to start please go to: 


If you are not able to connect to audio on your computer, you can call +1 855 498 7444 and enter your meeting code 405-243-016.

Note: if you disable or don't send notices/reminders, you'll need to provide the conference link to the patient some other way.

Starting a Video Call

When it's time for the video call, you can start your call from Scheduling > Telemdicine.

Scheduled Video Calls

If the call is associated with a pre-scheduled telemedicine appointment, click the applicable button beside that appointment to start the call in a new tab, or within the encounter window.

If you want to see the Video side-by-side with the encounter note, you would first open the encounter note, and then use the "Start in Current Encounter Note" option. 

Impromptu Calls

If the call is NOT associated with a pre-scheduled telemedicine appointment, you can create a new Video Call under Start an Impromptu Video Call. Note that until you click the "Start Impromptu Meeting Invitation" button to start the meeting, the meeting does not yet exist, and the link will not work.

As with scheduled video calls, if you start the call from inside an encounter note, you have the option to view the video window inside the encounter window.

Side-by-Side Video Call and Encounter Note

If you choose to open the video call within the encounter note, it will be show at the far right of the encounter screen:

The sections of the patient's chart that would normally be there at the right are still accessible below the video area.

Joining/ Managing your Video Call

When your call is created and you follow the link to join, you'll see a screen that looks like this: 

Click the "Join Meeting" link to join. If you haven't enabled it already, your browser will ask you to allow the meeting to access your camera and microphone (screenshot may look different for different browsers):

Click Allow and you should be in the meeting! If you don't see this, and it doesn't seem to be joining the call, try looking for a camera icon in the top right or left of the screen and click it to force it to show the permissions screen.

As soon as you've joined you should be able to see yourself in the mini-window (which can be dragged around) and once the other participant(s) join you'll see them as well in the main window.

If you're having any trouble joining the call, or want to call in using a telephone, click on the participants icon on the left and you'll see instructions for joining the call by phone: 

At any time, you can use the mute icon on the left to mute your audio. And if you need to change your audio device you can generally do it by clicking the settings icon (gear) and selecting the appropriate media input and output.