You can now manage your encounter/SOAP types via Admin > Manage > Encounter Types.

Add new encounter types and edit or delete existing types as needed. Click on the name of an existing encounter type in the list to edit it.

For specific encounter types, you can:

1. Change the identifying icon, selecting from a small library of available encounter icons. You can reuse the same icon for multiple different encounter types, if desired.

2. Designate the visit type as in-person. This is used for insurance documentation, but can also be used for your internal reporting or searches to see who has or has not been seen in person in a specified period of time.

3. Set the type to be shared/ not shared on the Patient Portal. This designates whether, when encounter notes of that type are signed, an encounter summary will be automatically generated and shared with the patient on the Patient Portal.

4. Set the ordering of the encounter types within the drop down menu using the Sort Order field.

5. Add a description, which will be visible only within the encounter note management view.

6. Set an insurance location. This is completely optional, and would be used ONLY for insurance billing to populate into the appropriate field(s).

encounter note