If you have more than one Cerbo build you can use this tool to transfer patient charts and users from one to another.

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The tool will allow you to transfer one or more patients at a time from one build to another. This is strictly a one-time transfer (think copy-and-paste) so it will not continuously update the transferred chart based on the original. It will create a new chart(s) in the build you are transferring to, and copy over the following data:

  • Allergies
  • Appointments
  • Demographics
  • Documents
  • Encounters
  • Facilities / Specialists
  • Lab Results
  • Medications
  • Notes (Admin, Need To Know, etc)
  • Open Orders
  • Past Medical History
  • Patient Photo
  • Portal History (such as Secure Messages)
  • Tasks (if requested)
  • Tags
  • Supplements
  • Vitals

The following data will not be copied:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Financial Data (charges, saved cards, etc)
  • Health Maintenance Trackers
  • Relationships
  • Vaccines

If there is already a chart in the target build for a patient, you can use the Patient Merge tool to combine the old chart and new chart. 

Step 1.

To use the Patient Transfer Tool, you'll first need to look under "My Links" to see if the Patient Transfer Tool exists. If it doesn't, contact support@cer.bo and request that the tool be turned on, and specify the builds you are exporting from and importing to.

If the link exists, click it. The Patient Transfer Tool will open in a new window. 

Choose which build you want to transfer data to. If you only have two builds, you will only see one entry in this drop down list. Once you have done this, click Next

Step 2.

In this step, you can search for patients by name (or by patient ID). Click on the search results to add them to the list of patients. It is recommended that you transfer no more than 50 patients at a time. Once you are done selecting patients, click Next. 

Step 3.

In this step, you will map up the users from the old build to the new build. The list of users in the old build will be generated based on the users assigned to the patients from Step 1. For example, you will only see users listed here that are assigned to SOAP notes or appointments associated with the patients you've selected. Our system will try to match them for you based on name. Any item highlighted in green has been auto mapped, however you can still change it if needed, or ignore them. 

In the following example, Julius Hibbert from the old build is automatically mapped up to a deleted user of the same name in the new build. Resource Room 2 is not automatically mapped, and you will need to choose where it should be mapped to. If left blank, it will be mapped to a Dummy User.

Once you have mapped the users, click Next. 

Step 4.

In this step, you will map the schedule types from the old build to the new build. The list of schedule types in the old build will be generated based on the schedule types assigned to the patients from Step 1. This step is similar in concept to Step 2. Once you are done, click Next. 

Step 5.

The final step is to review everything. Make sure you are transferring to the correct build, click the checkbox and then the "Transfer the patients" button.

BE PATIENT!!! This process can take a LONG time!!!

When the final step is done, you will see a list of all patients IDs, and the IDs of the new charts that were created. If you see any error messages, or notice any missing charts, please take a screenshot of this window and send it to us, along with the IDs of all the patients you were trying to transfer.