This article focuses on how to give access to webcam & microphone on a Surface Pro. 

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To have a call on a Surface Pro, you need to provide access to your webcam and microphone. This usually only needs to be done once. 

If you are still unable to see yourself in the video feed, you may need to check a few things in the following order:

    1. Open Chrome.

    2. Click the 3 dots on the right side next to the address bar.

    3. Select Settings from the list.

    4. On the side menu, select Privacy and Security

    5. Select Site Settings, then scroll down to review Permissions

    6. Find the Camera section and review the settings. Make sure you have the correct camera selected, and the default                behavior to be "Sites can ask to use your camera". 

    7. Restart Chrome, then re-enter your video call. 

Other Tools

If you are continuing to experience issues, please test your device here: Twilio Network Test. It checks your camera and audio settings, as well as your network connection.