If you want patients to be able to mark their own appointment as "Checked In" status in the EHR calendar, Cerbo has a check-in Kiosk tool that you can set up in your lobby. This tool will allow patients to mark themselves as 'checked-in', and can prompt them to answer some pre-appointment questions that will feed into the EMR as a questionnaire.

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The Check in Kiosk can be used to allow patients to mark their own appointment in your Cerbo calendar as "checked in" status, as well as answer some pre-appointment questions. It would be accessed on a tablet that you set up in the waiting area, with the check in kiosk URL open in the web browser on the tablet. We recommend accessing the kiosk on a tablet with the browser set to fullscreen, though it will work with other devices. 

  • The Check in Kiosk is not suitable for having the patient answer in-depth intake forms/ questionnaires, signing consent forms, or seeing/ answering different questions based on their appointment type, provider, or otherwise. More in-depth questionnaires, consent forms, and differentiated forms based on patients' characteristics, upcoming appointment type, or provider would need to be done via the Patient Portal itself. You can provide a tablet for this purpose in the waiting area. See Managing your Patient Portal Forms & Questionnaires Page.

To enable the kiosk Go to Schedules > Check-in Kiosk

Select Enable Check-in Kiosk and the box will expand and direct you to the kiosk URL.
Click the link and it will open the kiosk in a new tab, ready for use.  

Make sure to log out of all EMR and Portal accounts on the device you're using for check-in before providing it to your patients.


Beneath the URL link you will have the option to customize the messages shown to the patient once they’ve checked in, as well as create additional check-in questions.  Questions can be yes/no or have a text input, and can be either optional or required.
Once these edits are saved, you will need to reopen the kiosk to reflect the changes.

Patient Perspective

When the patient accesses the kiosk, the home screen will ask them if they have appointment today. If the answer is Yes, they'll be directed to enter the first 2 letters of their last name. If the answer is No, the screen will populate with the message you set up in the kiosk customization (above).


They'll then be asked to confirm their appointment time, followed by any Check-in Questions that you've set up.

Once they've completed all the questions, they'll receive the confirmation you've customized for a successful check-in.

Allow patients to check-in with their own device - Create a QR code in Chrome

Open your check-in kiosk in Chrome, click the QR code icon in the URL bar:

Download the QR code. 

Now you can print the QR code and display it in your office or waiting room for patients to scan!

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