We use a third-party software platform (Freshdesk) to host our online help articles and ticketing system at help.cer.bo. When you send an email to our email support, that creates a ticket on the helpdesk software. Our responses to your tickets will come back to you via email.

If you want to be able to log into the helpdesk software to view past tickets, check on ticket status, etc., you can! Please just use the email account you want to be associated with your helpdesk login to email us at support@cer.bo, letting us know that you want an Activation Email for logging into the helpdesk.  We will send that over right away. 

If you try to register/ set up an account directly via the helpdesk site at help.cer.bo or reset your password, you may see the error message "You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator." That just means that we need to send you the Activation Email.

Note that the login to the helpdesk at help.cer.bo is completely separate from your login to the Cerbo EHR.