If the client is unable to send debit transactions:

1. Have them check to see if their machine is set up properly:

Click on the menu squares in the upper right, login password is DDMMYYYY today's date

    Merchant Settings >Debit --- everything in this folder needs to be set to "Always enabled"

   Transaction Settings > Debit --- needs to be set to EDT Support Enabled

2.  If the above settings are correct, run a test transaction with a debit card, have the client share screen

       Have the client grant you remote access

            Open the console and find  the failure array

               Copy the 

1. transactionID 

2. terminal reference number  

3. command response

4. message  

3. Have the client log into payconnex

       If settings in payconnex look good we need to harass Bluefin to fix the settings in Elevon.

4. Call Bluefin so they can put you on hold forever and then hang up on you.