Cerbo and Heads Up Health provide an integration allowing you to view a patient's vitals and stats in Heads Up Health directly from a patient's vitals block in Cerbo.

For more information about Heads Up Health, visit their website here: https://headsuphealth.com/

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In order for this integration to work, you will need to have an official paid membership with Heads Up Health. To discuss membership options in more detail, contact Heads Up Health via email at support@headsuphealth.com with subject line "Cerbo Integration". You can also create your free trial account with Heads Up Health right here.

Getting Started - Setting up the Integration

To get started, login to Cerbo and go to Admin > Manage > Integrations. You should see a "Heads Up Health" section in this view (if not, contact Cerbo Support for further assistance):

Click on the "+Integrate my account with Heads Up Health" link and it should expand with further instructions. Note that you must login to your Heads Up Health account on their website BEFORE clicking on the generate links in this step (otherwise, you will see a "you need to be logged in" error when you visit those generate links).

Once you're done, click the "Activate Account" button and the view should refresh with a success message once complete! 

Using the Integration

Once you have completed the above setup, you should see a Heads Up Health button in the "Vitals" block of any patient chart:

Note that patient charts between Cerbo and Heads Up Health are matched based on patient email address. 

When you click on the option above, the system will either:

  • Match to the corresponding patient account in your Heads Up Health account (if they already exist there) 
  • Create/register the patient account in your Heads Up Health account (if no match is found for the patient's primary Cerbo email address). A few notes about this:

For either of the above scenarios, the window should launch with the patient's chart in Heads Up Health's system:

The patient's vitals data between Heads Up Health and Cerbo does NOT automatically sync, but this view does let you compare everything within the patient's chart in Cerbo so that you can manually transfer information between the two more easily.